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Our capabilities

Capital introductions & advisory

We primarily support companies throughout the entire investment lifecycle, from preparation to introduction, negotiation and beyond.

We have a developed network of financiers across venture capital, private equity, corporate venture capital, angel investment, debt capital & facilities, ICO investment and token pre-sale.

We work with a wide range of clients, from high growth technology businesses to medium-sized manufacturers

Venture Building & Joint Ventures

Leveraging our internal expertise, resources and network, we take an active role in partnering with small and established companies to scale existing businesses and/or build out new ventures.

From developing new forms of finance in crypto to scaling B2C eCommerce operations in the global market.

We look for innovative ideas, traction and most importantly projects with potential where we can add value to achieve significant growth.

Commercial Sales

We enable Balkan based businesses to secure sales within the western and eastern markets.

From establishing eCommerce operations in the United States (company, marketing, fulfilment) to brokering international deals for medical product manufactures and more.

For international businesses, we focus on providing support in doing business in the Balkan region, particularly finding, negotiating and working with suppliers.

Crypto Advisory

We have an extensive background in crypto and blockchain projects.

We are able to provide a range of capabilities to scale out next-generation projects, with a particular interest in the underlying technologies of the new financial system.

Providing everything from tokenomics advisement, technology roadmap guidance, ICO full cycle marketing (inc pre-sale), direct funding introductions and more.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We support local and international companies in finding and securing acquisitions of assets in the Balkan Peninsula (including companies, facilities, technologies and more).

We specialise in finding and negotiating on acquiring assets for international companies, looking to expand in the region.

Previous projects include acquisition of gaming studios (acquihire), purchase of technology/IP and of commercial real estate.

Innovation Consulting

We work to support medium and large businesses in a fast changing environment, consulting on how companies can innovate and incorporate new technologies/processes to gain and hold a competitive advantage.

Our clients are in verticals ranging from finance/banking (where we specialise) to electric vehicles and beyond.

Energy & Infrastructure

We work to support both local and international companies in developing medium/long term energy and infrastructure projects (specific focus on green energy projects) in the Balkan region.

We provide services from stakeholder management, expert acquisition, securing multiple funding sources (private and government), process management and more.

Soft-Landing & Procurement

For international companies expanding out to the Balkan Peninsula, navigating the business and regulatory landscape can be costly and confusing.

We work with international companies to give a clear lay of land, provide advisory support and access to preferred product and service providers (accountants, lawyers, specialists).


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We’re currently in the midst of upgrading our website and will be back in a few days.

For enquiries, please contact mail@lxcp.group.





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